While squirrels are often considered cute, harmless and nice creatures,  they can cause thousands of dollars in damage once they have infiltrated your residence or place of business.

These noisy members of the rodent family are amazing climbers and just the smallest hole in a building can become their main entranceway into your home or office.

Squirrel chattering and scampering noises  in walls and ceilings can be annoyingly loud, often causing endless, irritating, and unnerving,  sleepless nights for many people. Squirrels can:

  • access residential and commercial properties through fireplaces, chimney flues, roof vents, loose siding and other structural gaps, and can burrow under sheds, decks, crawlspaces and woodpiles to create large family nests
  • shred ductwork and tunnel through wood, insulation, drywall, vapour barriers and plastic pipes, causing thousands of dollars in functional and structural damage
  • pose a fire risk by chewing through electrical wires
  • pose a bio-hazardous risk caused from droppings and urine , with the smell attracting more squirrels and other wildlife

Catch & Release

Our highly trained specialists are fully licensed and insured to handle all wildlife problems.  Our humane live trap method insures that mother and babies are relocated together to suitable natural habitat.  We offer professional animal proofing recommendations including screen-ups of attic fans, attic vents, bathroom vents, stoves and dryers in order to avoid future occurrences.

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