While raccoons may look cute, they are extremely strong  for their size usually weighing between 20 and 40 pounds.  Raccoons can destroy whatever access point they chose to enter whether it’s your chimney, roof or attic, tearing through aluminum, wood, and shingles along their way.

While raccoons carry a variety of parasites and diseases, they are one of the worst carriers of rabies in Canada and pose a threat not only to your pets, but to your family as well.

Night noise nuisance and messes, including overturned garbage cans caused by raccoons seems minimal when compared to the extensive damage these nocturnal critters can cause such as:

  • tearing shingles off roofs of homes and outbuildings
  • ductwork and insulation tunnel damage which affects your heating and cooling systems
  • gnawing on electrical wires posing high risk fire threats
  • extensive damage to farms, including fruit trees, and vegetable crops
  • washing and eating in pools and spas, as well as extensive lawn and garden damage

Catch & Release

Our highly trained specialists are fully licensed and insured to handle all wildlife problems.   Our humane live trap method insures that mother and babies are relocated together to suitable natural habitat.  We offer professional animal proofing recommendations including screen-ups of attic fans, attic vents, bathroom vents, stoves and dryers in order to avoid future occurrences.

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