This cat sized rat-tailed critters are North America’s only marsupial, which means that opossum babies live in their mother’s pouch. While these nocturnal mammals seem to be cute and content sitting up in a hollow tree, quite often they can occupy an attic, crawlspace or garden shed, causing damage to gain entry.

Opossums can also build their homes under decks and porches, and are generally not afraid of your pets.Opossums can:

  • be extremely very noisy once they have taken up residence in your home, with scratching, walking, mating, fighting, playing, hissing and the crying of their babies
  • wreak havoc on plants and fish in your backyard ponds and water gardens , due to their omnivorous nature
  • chew on electrical wires and water pipes, shred ductwork, tunnel through insulation causing extensive damage and repair costs

Catch & Release

Our highly trained specialists are fully licensed and insured to handle all wildlife problems. Our humane live trap method insures that mother and babies are relocated together to suitable natural habitat.

We offer professional animal proofing recommendations including screen-ups of attic fans, attic vents, bathroom vents, stoves and dryers in order to avoid future occurrences.

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