Birds & Bats

Bats in your belfry?  No problem!  We are highly trained at the safe removal of bats and birds! Whether they are in your attic or have set up in your crawlspace, let Catch and Release Wildlife deal safely with your bat or bird problems.

Bats can often enter through through vents such as gable or ridge vents gaining access into your attic. Chimneys can also offer an “open door” into your home.

Catch and Release Wildlife can inspect your entire home, business, or commercial property, and ultimately  provide you with an extensive review as to the vermin issues that your property has.  We will discuss property maintenance and/or repairs that will control bats or birds gaining access to your home or business.

Catch and Release Wildlife makes every effort to remove bats or birds in a human method, returning them to where they belong.  We handle all wildlife in humane, harm-free, and professional methods.

Catch & Release

Our highly trained specialists are fully licensed and insured to handle all wildlife problems.   Our humane live trap method insures that mother and babies are relocated together to suitable natural habitat.  We offer professional animal proofing recommendations including screen-ups of attic fans, attic vents, bathroom vents, stoves and dryers in order to avoid future occurrences.

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